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Personal Information Protection Policy


Hokuto Soken Corporation takes great care to protect private personal
information and order information(including customers order history)that we collect through COTTON CRAFT Pooh-tan. In order to protect your personal information we have established a Personal Information Protection Policy and built our own in-house system. We enforce and maintain this policy and improve these systems continuously.


  1. We may use personal information and order information from
    customers in the following cases and do not use them for any other purposes;
    a) When we introduce our products or services to a customer
    b) To obtain customers opinions or comments about our services
    c) When we have obtained specific authorisation from a customer

  2. We do not disclose customer's personal information to third parties except in the following cases;
    a) When the customer has consented prior to the disclosure
    b) When we disclose within necessary limits to the companies we know to hawe confidentiality contracts
    c) When we need to exchange personal information with bankig facilities to settel accounts for using our website or ordering products
    d) When complying with legal and regulations

  3. The companies that we disclose personal information to are
    contractually required to protect information in the same way as we do.

  4. We implement appropriate and strict management of personal
    information we have collected and protect it from illegal ccess,loss,destruction, falsification or leakage.

  5. We make every effort to reinforce the security of messages between customers and our company. If a third party should cause damage to a customer we cannot be held responsible.

  6. If a person wishes to inqire about, confirm, correct or update their personal information we will aim to deal with their request immediately.

  7. We observe the law regarding the protection of personal information.

  8. We continuously strive to improve our protection and handling of personal information.


Patchwork Japanese Quilt Fabric Textile COTTON CRAFT Pooh-tan